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What Questions Should You Ask a Marketing Consultant?

marketing consultant

Have you have decided you may want to move forward with hiring a marketing consultant? Remember, you have to be prepared when discussing with them. Here are some good questions to ask during your discovery calls with consultants:

  1. Do you work alone, or do you have a team that will be handling my account? If so, who will it be? Asking this question is important because you will be able to know how much the consultant will be involved in the day to day of our account. If you would prefer a more personalized approach sometimes it is good to have a consultant who works on their own.

  2. Do you specialize in any particular industry? It is good if a consultant is specializing in a certain industry, but not always necessary. Some consultants have the bandwidth to be able to have an interest in many industries.

  3. What kind of marketing skills do you personally possess? Such as social media, graphic design, copywriting, public relations. It is important to know this question because if they have a team of people, they could just be managing them, but if they need to hunker down for some reason on your account you want to make sure it is all hands on deck.

  4. Do you have any specific ideas or strategies right now on how you can help me achieve my goal? When asking this question, you will be able to see if the consultant is willing to give you off the cuff suggestions for your business. As you know, their time is valuable, but they should be willing to give you some suggestions during your meeting.

  5. How do you charge? Knowing what they will charge and how is important to see if it works with your business and budget. You could have a fantastic call to find out the consultant is way out of your budget, or you are not able to bring them on due to their restrictive pricing.

  6. When can I expect a proposal for services? Some consultants do not create proposals, but make sure you receive one. The scope of work should be a part of the proposal, so you know exactly what you are getting. Ensure that the scope of work and pricing is transparent.

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