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Are you ready to find your solution? Market efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank. How we do it? Access to many talented resources, coupled with creative skills to customize marketing solutions for your business that will reach your target market. 


Customized Solutions

Honest & Reliable

About Elyshia - The Marketing Specialist


Phone: 954.751.4461


21218 St Andrews Blvd #242 

Boca Raton, FL 33433

Background & Education

Located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, I’m an honest and positive professional whose priority is always my clients' interests. With over 12 years of experience as a Marketing and Administrative professional,  I can bring my clients a unique and comprehensive outlook on their business. I proudly graduated Cum Laude from Monmouth University, voted one of the best colleges by US News, with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and concentration in Marketing. 

Approach & Strategy

My approach and strategy involve listening and understanding your business and its operations to identify missed opportunities for marketing a product or service more effectively and creatively.


After, I create a strategy to deploy marketing campaigns utilizing digital and print media. Creating the right kind of strategy that fits within budget and targets your audience is my passion. 

My network of talented subcontractors and freelancers allows me to work through a diverse amount of projects and different media to ensure that we are creating the most captivating content for your brand. 

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