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As a Small Business Owner: What Are You Trying to Achieve with Your Marketing?

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Do you have specific goals in mind for your business? Do you want to increase leads, the customer in your brick & mortar store, have more bookings, increase your client or patient base, book more of a particular service? Asking yourself what you want and setting realistic goals for yourself will help you when navigating through the world of marketing.

Some consultants will promise you a 300% ROI, or the secret to SEO, or an increase of 30% of bookings in 30 days. Let me tell you something, these are all marketing tactics. No one can guarantee you returns, unless they are so saturated in the market, know about all of your competitors and your specific industry. These are mostly agencies which will cost you far more than the cost of a consultant. Falling into these traps of over-promises will most likely make you feel unsatisfied with the services you are receiving. At that point, you may be stuck in a contract, or have already spent thousands of dollars on fees alone.

Marketing is a try, try and try again business. With time and trials, a consultant can find you the perfect mix of media or social media that will help your business increase, but this does not happen overnight. Marketing is a constant analysis of analytics and strategies to see what works and what doesn't. Creating a realistic expectation of the results of the marketing and constant communication between you and your consultant is the most important aspect of hiring someone. Try to find a consultant who is honest, trustworthy and reliable who is interested in you and your business, not just themselves.

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